I focus on embedding intention and connection into every movement that goes into crafting my textiles and jewelry.

  • I start with foraging and growing natural/ botanical dye plants, and working with local farmers and growers to source flora
  • I then embark on the alchemy of the dyeing journey
  • Dyeing and eco-printing using natural materials is essentially a balance of chemistry, art, and a little bit of mystery (embracing the unknown and appreciating the delicate variability of it all)
  • I go on to incorporate working with metals, ceramics, and other materials (cutting, sawing, fusing, soldering, joining, melting, grinding, and polishing)
  • I finish many of my product with sewing and stitching the textiles to craft a product that is tailored yet still rustic and wild

There are so many steps and melding of mediums that go into the cohesion of creating, yet the ritual of slowly experiencing each step to ultimately create a product that feels infused with magical significance, is perhaps my own personal definition of art.